Travel Insurance

If you've booked your holiday, you're probably quite happy with yourself. For peace of mind we recommend you that you spend some time researching for a good travel insurance policy that will cover you in case of an accident or if you lose your luggage.

Got your EHIC card?


If you wonder what EHIC card means -- this is your European health insurance card. This car will prove to every medical institution in the EU that you are a regularly paying your contributions to NHS. The EHIC card will provide you with access to medical treatment abroad. To some extent it will be free but if you require a more complicated procedure you might have to pay it yourself. This card is NO replacement for your travel insurance.


Single trip or annual travel insurance?


That's the choice you have to make when opting for travel insurance. If you're a frequent traveller -- more than twice a year -- we recommend that you go for the annual insurance. You will not only save money but also benefit from features available only for the long term travel insurance customers. There might be restrictions on the longevity of each trip -- such as 31 days max.


Which travel insurance policy will be right for you?


The answer to this question depends on the purpose of your travel. For example skiing holiday insurance will differ in risk than a business trip. The basics each travel insurance policy should cover are:

Cancellation cover -- in case you need to cancel your holiday due to unforeseen circumstances, this will be free to you because you're covered by your travel insurance. If you haven't got one -- you will be expected to pay at least 50%, if not 100%, of the cost of your holiday out of your pocket in case you have to cancel just before.

Medical expenses - in case you need medical help on your holiday, your treatment and hospital stay will be paid for by your travel insurance company.

Lost or stolen belongings -- if your luggage gets lost or stolen you will be refunded the costs up to a certain amount specified in your policy.

After these basic features, each travel insurance policy might have added cover for certain situations which might happen only on the specific holiday you are going to.


Tips and advice


* If you are not offered a travel insurance policy by your holiday provider, do a research at least a week before you have to leave for your holiday.

* If you are travelling within the EU, make sure you take your EHIC card with you.

* Check the small prints on your policy for excluded features and to make sure this policy is right for the purpose of your trip.

* Take your travel insurance policy documents with you. Don't forget them at home.