A traveller’s guide to river cruises

If you’re planning a holiday then you may be considering taking a river cruise as an option. River cruises certainly offer something different to the traditional cruise and are particularly good choices for those that want to explore other countries in a unique way.

Making a saving on your river cruise


Using price comparison websites

Using price comparison websites for your river cruise should be your first port of call. Holiday search engines are more advanced than ever and now allow you to not only define the number of passengers, sail date and sail destination, but also allow you to select your ideal sail routes and destination points. Yous should always remember however that you need to check the information directly on the cruise’s company website as the information may not always be completely accurate on the price comparison website.


Considering destination/sail route

Inevitably there will be cruise routes that are cheaper than others. If you’re working to a particularly tight budget then the following river cruises may be of interest: North sea cruises (Rhine in Flame, The Classic Moselle, Great Cities of the Danube) and European inland cruises.


No fly river cruises

If you’re afraid of flying then there are various river cruises that are available to you. Destinations and sail routes do vary throughout the year so be sure to undertake some thorough research to understand your options. You’ll be sailing from one of the following points: Southampton, Portsmouth, Tilbury, Cardiff, Dover, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Falmouth ( as well as other areas that have few sails).


Thinking about holiday length

Whilst you may think that choosing a short river cruise will save you money it may be very much a case of a false economy. Particularly if you only have one holiday per year you should consider how much more it is to choose a 10 day or even 14 day cruise as compared to 7 days. Choosing a longer cruise may additionally open up the options of cruise liners.


Avoiding school holiday time river cruises

One time you need to particularly avoid when booking your cruise is when the school holidays are running. During these times holidays in general can shoot up to prices that are anything up to 50% higher than the usual prices.



Other factors to consider when booking a river cruise


Spending money

Spending money is very often under considered by the first time cruiser. To get an idea of how much you’ll spend aboard you should ask for details as to how much food, drinks and other items are. This will ensure that you don’t run out of money whilst cruising. Additionally you may find that some cruise liners offer on board spending coupons as part of a special deal.