Royal Caribbean Cruises

There's more to cruising than just stepping onto a ship. Royal Caribbean Cruises offers a huge amount of choice and variety, so you can make your holiday the perfect holiday for you.

Choosing the cruise for you


One of the main questions you'll probably be considering is: Where? Thankfully, when it comes to Royal Caribbean, the world is your oyster. Royal Caribbean sails to over 260 incredible locations around the world, including destinations such as Asia, Northern Europe, the Mediterranean, South America and many more.

If you live in the UK, Royal Caribbean offers cruises that begin from home, meaning you don't have to worry about arranging flights and transporting luggage. These cruises set sail from Southampton or Harwich and offer a range of European itineraries.

Popular cruises include 7 nights through Spain and France, a 14 night tour of the Mediterranean cities and a 14 night trip around Spain and the Canary Islands. The places you always dreamed of visiting are just a Royal Caribbean Cruise away.


What to do while cruising?


What most people don't realise is just the sheer variety of things there are to do while cruising.

Entertainment can range from simple trips to the on-board cinema to watching live theatrical and musical performances. Not so fussed on the arts? Many cruise liners offer a massive array of sports facilities, from tennis courts to swimming pools to climbing walls, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Between the 23 available cruise ships in Royal Caribbean's fleet you can surf, skydive, rock climb and even drive dodgems. Activities range from relaxing to exciting, catering for both kinds of holidaymaker – the relaxing, stress free holiday that's all about rest and recuperation and the pro-active, go getter holiday that's all about thrilling experiences.




When it comes to relaxing, Royal Caribbean has you covered. Each ship has several swimming pools to choose from, meaning you can lie by the pool until your heart's content. There are also whirlpools, which offer a stunning view of the ocean while sailing. If you aren't one for the water, there are spas which provide massages and hot, soothing saunas.

For people who like to get tanned, there's also an array of Solariums which are perfect for soaking up rays, and even nature parks complete with thousands of living plants which make for a lovely, peaceful walk.




When it comes to thrilling, Royal Caribbean provides a ton of options, from full size sports courts that host the likes of football, dodge ball and basketball, to rock climbing walls that let you ascend towards the sky. There are gyms, of course, and even running tracks – and that's not to mention the ice rinks, zip lines, bungee trampolines and mini golf courses.




You might not think shopping is possible on a cruise beyond food and beverages, but it absolutely is. There are cosmetic stores, electric stores, art stores and even pet stores! Shopping on a Royal Caribbean Cruise is endlessly fun and endlessly unique.