Heading to France on Holiday? Take the Ferry!

It's easy to forget, with many cities having airports a short journey away, just what an advantage being able to travel by ferry to France can really be. You can catch the ferry to France from a number of ports in the UK and, depending on where you travel from and to, you have the option of exploring the north of France or travelling further south to explore.

Travelling to France by ferry could be a cheaper option for you, once you have taken into account travelling times in the UK and tolls you may have to pay in France. However there is a great variety of departure ports and destinations so it is certainly worthwhile exploring your different options and deciding which the best option for you is.



The advantages of taking the ferry



One of the main advantages of travelling to France by ferry is that of being able to take your car with you. This is perfect if you don't want to have to pay to hire a car once you are abroad and it gives you the freedom to explore. France is a truly beautiful country and if you took your own car with you then you wouldn't need to be tied down to staying in one place either, you could stay in a different place every night if you wanted to. It would provide you with a fantastic reason to travel across the gorgeous French countryside and visit its historic cities.



Where to go?



You could also choose to visit France via ferry for a short break. Whilst Calais might be ideal for short visits to duty free and is not particularly picturesque, there are many other cities within a short drive of Calais which would be perfect for a short break, such as Boulogne and Le Touquet.


You will find a number of different operators who provide ferry trips to France. It is always worth looking around to see the different offers available at the time of year you want to travel to make sure you are getting a good deal. There are also a variety of different standards of travel, from luxurious cruise liners to the standard ferries depending on how you want to travel. If you choose to journey to one of the ports further south in France then consider booking yourself a cabin and making the most of your trip by finding a ferry which offers amenities such as restaurants, bars and even a cinema.



Read the small print



One small word of warning though, make sure you read the small print before booking your tickets. Whilst you can travel via ferry for incredibly low prices, sometimes you are not covered in the case of bad weather or if you had a last minute alteration you needed to make. It's always worth checking the deal you are really getting before making your decision.