Your guide to getting the most out of ocean cruises

If you’ve decided to choose an ocean cruise for a holiday then rest assured you’ve made a wise choice. Ocean cruises are amongst some of the most luxurious around and can see you sailing far across the world's seas and exploring far flung places. With all that said however there are a few ways that you can ensure that you’re getting the best deal on your cruise. As well as this, there are also various factors to consider before setting sail. This guide will talk you through the process of purchasing and preparing for an ocean cruise.

Getting the best deal on your ocean cruise


Using holiday search engines

Your first port of call in your search for the cheapest ocean cruise should be a holiday search engine. These websites store literally thousands of ocean cruises in their database; you simply need to enter you sail times, cabin preference, destination and length of holiday and you’ll be presented with all the available ocean cruises side by side. This will give you a brief overview of what’s available.


Playing with your sail times

Changing your sail dates slightly will give you an idea of how ocean cruise prices can vary when the dates are flexible. In particular you should avoid an ocean cruise (or any holiday at all) during the school holiday times. Holidaying during this time can see premiums of up to 50% added!


No end of destinations

Ocean cruises incorporate all manner of different cruises and can include cruises to: The Caribbean, the Mediterranean, Hawaii, Alaska and Europe. Whilst there is so much choice not every destination will be within their budget constraints. If you find that this is the case then reconsidering either your destination of sail time is essential.


UK Cruises for those with a fear of flying

If You're going on a cruise due to a fear of flying then you’ll need to expect to pay a little more. British ocean liners do attract a premium when compared to their European counterparts.


Considering your spending money budget

Very often first time cruise goers can underestimate just how much spending money they’ll need to take along. If possible you should try and ask your tour operator for a list of the prices prior to booking.



Factors to consider when preparing for your cruise


Do you need injections and a course of tablets?

If you’re going to somewhere exotic then you need to check with the doctor as to whether you need any jabs and/or tablets. For example, if you’re visiting the African continent then you’ll have to have Malaria tablets. You are also probably going to have to prove that you’ve had them to your cruise operator.