Blackpool Hotels

For traditionalists - and, importantly, those of us who are on a tight budget - Blackpool will always be the Las Vegas of the UK. And while foreign adventures are increasingly out-stripping trips to the British seaside in the rankings of top holiday destinations, you can't deny that the bright lights of the north have a certain charm. Holidays within Britain typically conjure up images of cramped accommodation and sharing facilities with total strangers (or worse yet, your extended family). It doesn't have to be this way, though - and for those who are looking to add a dash of style to the typical madness of Blackpool, we've picked out a few hotels worth a look.

Kings Hotel


New South Promenade, cheapest room around £50 per night

This hotel is located a stone's throw away from Blackpool's famous shores (that's not an exaggeration: you can see the rollercoaster from your room). Rooms are relatively cheap, and service is super attentive, with some nice, unexpected surprises thrown in along the way. It's not a five-star hotel, but it does the trick - and we can't recommend it more if you're looking for a taste of the traditional, family run B&B experience British holidays are famous for.


Clifton Court Hotel


Clifton Drive, cheapest room around £45 per night

Suites at Clifton Court are a little more upmarket looking than most of the standard B&B fare in and around Blackpool's coast (you could probably just about sell it to your significant other as a romantic getaway, although things are a little cramped) - but strip that away and all the traditional seaside charms remain. The great thing about a small hotel like this is, once again, the dutiful service from staff prepared to go the extra mile. This one definitely has our seal of approval for that reason.


Royal Seabank Hotel


Promenade, cheapest room around £40 per night

The Royal Seabank Hotel is not the place to go if you're looking to sample classic, yester-year Blackpool: it's a relatively large complex and its dining quarters are more like sitting in an actual restaurant than someone else's lounge (not that we're complaining about the latter). We don't wouldn't recommend it to those looking for homeliness and comfort, but the prices are about as low as you'll find - unless you're prepared to go inshore.


Doric Hotel


Queens Promenade, cheapest room around £70 per night

This one is more of a family hotel - so it makes sense that they haven't gone for the claustrophobic, terraced house vibe of the smaller B&Bs in the region. With an outdoor swimming pool (albeit one that probably won't be much use for most of the year) and a games room, it's a place where you can let the kids loose. Needless to say, it won't be the hotel of choice for couples looking for relaxation (plus, prices are a little steep all things considered).


Beechfield Hotel


Hornby Road, cheapest room around £60 per night

Check out an exterior shot of the Beechfield Hotel and you'll see exactly what a Blackpool B&B should look like: it's a colourful, seaside residence with bags of character - and the inside is no less charming. Staff are attentive and always prepared to do that little bit extra to make you feel at home. It is a tad more expensive than others of its kind - as well as being further from the coast (although it is close to Blackpool Tower) - but we can't fault the service.