Choosing a London hostel

It is not that London is famous for its low prices but it indeed is famous for its world-famed landmarks. A must-see! Then how to square your modest budget with a wish to see regal England's capital? You can start with affordable accommodation. This will almost always mean a hostel. While far from a suite offering intimacy, it indeed will offer you a clean bed and a shower at a fraction of a hotel room fee. What do you need to mind when looking for a hostel?



Make sure that you don't land anywhere in the outskirts of London, unless your idea is to spend most of your time there. Downtown London swarms with hostels and staying outside Hyde Park, for example, will keep landmarks at a foot walking distance, thereby saving you money on transport tickets.



How many of you in a room


The good part about a hostel is that you can spend some more and have your privacy in a single room and you can spend a lot less and share a room with family and/or friends. Knowing in advance how many of you are traveling can give you the opportunity to book an entire room just for you, keeping strangers out of your room.





A tangible part of your search time should be dedicated to reading reviews. There is no better litmus test for a hostel than the telltales of someone who's been there. While there will always be very positive and very negative entries, try to grasp the overall impression.



Cancellation allowed?


Also make sure that you are not clawed in with a no-return clause. It can happen that you reconsider and travel somewhere else or you might end up finding a London-based friend or acquaintance to stay with. Either way, do look for the cancellation allowed option.


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