Heathrow Airport Hotels: Fly Safe, Rest In Comfort

If you are not a Londoner and you plan a long-haul business trip or an escape to a faraway island from Heathrow Airport, you might have subconsciously prepared for a weary dozen of hours in travel. You especially succumb to this prospect as the inevitable evil if your flight takes off at night or early in the morning. Why suffer when there are quite a few moderately priced hotels conveniently situated in immediate proximity to the airport and just as conveniently linked with buses? Make the choice of a hotel part of your plan and here is a shortlist of useful sites which will help you make an informed choice.

Booking dot com



A search in this one-stop-shop for hotel bookings informs you about the number of hotels off the terminal of your departure or arrival. Depending on the date of check-in you have entered, you are redirected to a webpage with the hotels offering rooms on that date. You can right away read about the number of available rooms and their price for that particular date depending on their type.


If you are a fan of ratings, you will see the star rating which your peer visitors have assigned as well as their testimonials. And what matters the most: you can book a room online. Your five minutes spent on doing so and the electronic booking confirmation will help you live calm and cool right through to your departure.



Heathrow.Airport-Hotels dot com



This website takes you directly to business being specialized in hotels and hostels around Heathrow alone. This is the place whose owners must have spent a good deal of time and money on reducing the number of questions to traveler's most essential ones. You are asked about your terminal, travel time, room type, number of rooms and place in the parking lot. And there you are, the focused search returns. The same set of information like in booking.com but also the regularity and price of your transfer and a nice wee option which makes you feel at ease. Most hotels offer you a free stay if you find the room price there at a lesser price.


What better comfort that you're not robbed by an exorbitant price markup?



Holiday Inn Express



The Holiday Inn brand always has something interesting to offer, especially for people with discounts to use. Seniors, government officials and such being offered reward night vouchers can take up the opportunity and shop with Holiday Inn Express. And as it is the custom on this website, you get an overview with the wide variety of Holiday Inn hotels being balloon-pinned on the map. The numbers in the balloons correspond to the number of available rooms and a single click on the balloon will usher you to a pop-up window with brief information about the hotel and a link to the respective hotel.


Enjoy your Internet surf, then travel after a comfortable stay in a hotel of your liking!