A guide to booking hotels in Brighton

Throughout the financial crisis it has become increasingly common for people to take ‘staycations’ in the UK rather than travelling abroad. Because of this Brighton has seen a massive growth in popularity with more and more tourists flocking there year on year. If you’re considering booking a hotel in Brighton then this guide will introduce you to the region and tell you about the factors you should be considering when choosing a Brighton hotel.

An introduction to Brighton


Brighton is known as an attractive place to live and proves popular with the hip young as it does with OAPs. It has over 7 miles of beautiful coastline and plenty of funfairs, seaside shops and bags of English charm. Every year thousands of tourists transcend upon the region to walk Brighton’s famous piers, enjoy one of the many beaches or visit Brighton’s arcades. As well as all the typical seaside offerings this region also boasts plenty of retail outlets and fantastic shopping opportunities.



How to choose a good Brighton Hotel


Check Trip Advisor and travel websites

Of course, with all customer reviews there’s always a pinch of salt to be taken, particularly as the possibility of customer reviews (both positive and negative) can be forged by either competition wishing to damage a business or by the hotel themselves wishing to improve their reputation.


Ask about extras

Before you book you should find out about extras that you may be taking for granted (for example, are fresh towels supplied every day? Is the breakfast included?) you should also inspect their website thoroughly for information on checking in and other important information.



Making a saving on your Brighton Hotel


Not all about price

Whilst price is certainly an important factor in choosing a hotel for your stay it’s not the be and all and end all. The phrase ‘you get what you pay for’ is never truer than when applied to hotel stays so balance quality with price carefully.


Book online to make a saving

Booking online will always see you make a saving when booking a hotel. You should, ideally, use travel search engines to start your search. These websites will allow you to compare hotels side by side, and you can see the differences in prices as well as customer experiences and opinions.


Considering your dates

When looking at the pricing of your hotel you should consider changing your travel dates by a few days. This can have a significant impact on the pricing of your hotel, particularly if you’re changing from a weekend booking to a weekday booking. You should also try to avoid school holidays, as these times attract what can be a significant premium.