Hotels in Paris: what you should know!

We all know that Paris is the city of romance, love, art and architecture, but its hotel trade isn’t too shabby either! Quite literally, there are thousands of hotels to choose from; 1 star to 5 star, £30 - £1000’s, catering for all manner of people, special interest groups too. I know it’s hard to believe in this day and age, but there are still some people that like to actually go into a travel agents and let them do the work (and therefore charge) to find the right hotel. You have access to worldwide consumer information, at least two and half thousand hotels located in Paris and all of their contact information, pictures and information, all at the tips of your fingers (all without a travel agent taking a healthy slice of your holiday spending money).

Make the Internet work for you!


A quick search online will give you results for many different hotels, hotel comparison sites, late minute bookings. You can also check room availability, prices, menus & facilities, all without having to resort to the British school of Foreign Language; talking loudly and slowly with wild gesticulations.

We all deserve a little bit of pampering, a little luxury, but even the cheaper hotels are generally all clean, well-kept and would put many a British seaside resort hotel to shame. If you are feeling brave, why not just turn up in Paris and wander about until you find somewhere that takes your fancy? Of course, you’ll be risking it being fully booked amongst other things, but it can certainly add a little mysticism to your break.




Look for deals when you’re booking, many hotels offer free nights when booking a certain amount of nights, or at least a discounted rate. This can go a long way to help stretching your holiday budget, especially when you have children in tow.

Once you have researched the hotels that are suitable (including reading the customer reviews), a small deposit on your flexible friend is enough to secure the room for the duration of your stay, most will want to take at least a copy of your passport on arrival though.

A handy tip that we always stick to; always pay your bill with your debit / credit card, this means that there will not be any confusion over price and gives you some recourse for comeback should the hotel fail you.


Et voila, c’est fini.


You see how good we are to you? We have even given you a little French lesson.

So, whether you want to get a ‘selfie’ with the Eiffel Tower or stare at the enigmatic smile of the Mona Lisa, you are sure to find a hotel that suits your needs, be that budgetary, family or taste!