Hiring a car with no strings attached

Whether travelling for business or leisure, drivers hardly resist the itch of grabbing the steering wheel and going to different places on their own. Quite a few car rental businesses have tapped to this need and have, respectively, come up with many and flexible car hire options. Quite a few have added extras such as a couple of thousands of miles or an additional driver for free. Yet another one offers paying nothing in advance. Quite handy, don't you think? However, beware of seeing a zero deposit coming up paired with hidden charges.

Zero deposit ?


Usually, a zero deposit comes up with extras which will see you pay more than you have originally expected. To this end, ensure that your jump for joy over having all your money with you has not blinded your vigilance. For example, you might be prompted to pay for an excess waiver insurance, under which car rental agents will get fully compensated if you suffer an accident. Furthermore, you could be prompted to pay for a full tank of fuel, even if you plan to use just half of it.



Mark-up on daily prices?


Another trick you should beware of is to ensure that zero deposit does not come at a higher car rental price per day. Some agents find it a good marketing approach to request nothing in advance but to then add a negligible mark-up on daily prices growing into the tens and hundreds of pounds, especially if you have opted for a long-term car rental. Inquiring about all the costs pertaining to the deposit and no-deposit car hire options will help you stay away of getting bogged down into excessive costs.



Where to find?


Enterprise Rent-a-Car is a place where you can choose the make and model of the rented vehicle, see the locations where you can collect your car, enquire about the prices per day, make a reservation and have your receipt printed and sent to your accountant already prior to departure. Review this company's car park and prepare for an enjoyable and affordable trip.


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