Come on board with mini cruises

Yearning for a blissful routine-obliterating experience but have little time for it? No worries, tour operators have devised short breaks which will both restore your balance and create memories you'd willingly turn back to. Mini-cruises, among others, are certain to do just that. Whether you'd wish to leave for the weekend or for a couple of nights more, there is a mini-cruise for you even if you have made a late call. What do you have to mind?

Which destination


You have to first turn your attention only to ports which are relatively close to your home or yet consider adding a flight to your trip. A multi-hour drive to embark on a boat will eat away several precious hours off your onboard time because you'd likely be coveting for sleep. Next, you have to consider whether you'd prefer Scandinavia or the Mediterranean or just a trip around the British Isles would do. Next, consider whether you'd be willing to stay all the time on board or you'd wish to do some coastal town sightseeing.



Which cruiser


Nowadays, boat manufacturers have gone to such lengths that a contemporary cruiser can now house sports and recreation facilities, bars and restaurants, spa and beauty parlours, luxury cabins with bathrooms, private balconies and much more. Tour operators provide information about each and every cruiser they work with so take the time to find the one catering to your whims and wishes.



Themed cruises


There are many cruises whose action revolves around a certain holiday. If you would like to spend Halloween or Easter on a boat, then check out the themed cruises on offer. Bear in mind that like all other trips, the earlier you book the more certain you are to pay less after all; therefore, book a worthwhile escape for a fraction of the last-minute cost.



Where to find them?


CruiseDeals have more than 250 years of experience in cruise organisation so they know how to treat you special. Just fill in the form on the homepage, mention how many of you are to travel, your departure date and then enjoy a full range of offers to choose from.


With Cruise Specialists, you also have a cruise quick search form which will help you land on the deals with the timing and place you are looking for.


At DFDS Seaways, you are certain to sail north. With the mini-cruise section available in the homepage menu, you can see all destinations available with a simple mouseover.