A buyer’s guide to Black Sea cruises

So you’ve chosen the Black Sea as your cruise destination? You’ve made an excellent choice. This sea, famous for it’s high salt content and the ability of bathers to float in it, makes for a wonderful backdrop for some of the most luxurious cruise liners in the world. However as with any holiday, it always pays to know a few tips in getting the best deal. As well as this there are also a few additional factors that you’ll need to consider when preparing for your cruise.

Where is the Black Sea?


For those who don’t know, the Black sea is a Mediterranean, inland sea that sits by the Bosporus (an area that runs through Turkey).



Getting the best deal on your Black Sea Cruise


Using holiday search engines

Your first task should be to refer to a holiday search engine. From here you can tap in your details, ideal sail times and number of passengers to receive results on what’s available and how much you’re looking at. You may want to move your sail and return dates slightly in order to see the difference in price that varying sail times have.


Balcony or inner cabin?

Considering a balcony will primarily focus upon your budget. Having a balcony certainly attracts quite a premium, but this is a cruise that particularly benefits from having an outside area to appreciate both the weather and the views.


Book in January

The cheapest time of year to book any holiday in January, so if possible try and wait for the start of year sales to roll around.



Factors to consider when preparing for your Black Sea Cruise


Thinking about spending money

When preparing for your cruise it pays to think about spending money. If you’re new to cruising then you’ll probably need to drastically overestimate how much money you’ll need whilst aboard.


Your itinerary choices

The Black Sea offers plenty of choices in terms of destinations and journey stops. Generally speaking you’ll find that the majority of Black Sea cruises either either start or end in the beautiful region of Istanbul. For the cruises that don’t, generally you’ll find that it makes for an overnight stop so passengers can enjoy all that this fascinating region has to offer.


Some cruises will sail between Athens and Istanbul, whilst others may include destinations that are Northward from Istanbul. The key to choosing the cruise that is right for you is getting a full idea of which cruises you can afford, and finding out more about the regions they visit.


The majority of Black sea cruises run for between 11 to 14 nights and the season tends to start in Spring and finish in later Summer/early Autumn.