A buyer’s guide to Caribbean cruises

If you’ve decided upon a Caribbean cruise for your summer or perhaps even your winter holiday then there are plenty of things you’ll need to bear in mind to find the right holiday for you. This guide will talk you through the important factors you should be thinking of when searching for a Caribbean cruise.

Finding the cheapest deal on your Caribbean cruise


Waiting until sale time

Whilst you may not want to put off booking your holiday, you should consider that January is this best time to book and will see you attract significant savings on your Caribbean cruise booking. During this post-Christmas time many tour operators are exceedingly quiet and so they offer discounts in order to attract consumers to their holidays. Very often these are for summer cruises, although you may be able to find one that sails sooner.


Booking last minute

Booking a cruise, as with any holiday, can see you saving a relatively large amount. However you do need to have nerves of steel in order to wait until the last minute to book!


Gaining Quotes

Gathering quotes in order to compare them side by side is essential if you’re to get a full idea of what Caribbean cruise are on offer and how the prices and included extras compare. When comparing your cruises remember to compare like for like (e.g. compare inside cabin rooms with inside cabin rooms on another holiday).


Being flexible about destination

Being flexible about your cruises route is important if you’re to be able to take advantage of lower priced cruises. The Caribbean certainly makes for one of the more luxurious of destinations so you should be prepared to pay a little more for this type of cruise.



Other factors to consider when booking a cruise


Added extras

Having added extras in with your cruise is a pretty standard feature of this type of holiday. Coupons for free drinks, having your meals included or receiving a free newspaper every day are all little extras that can make a big difference to how good a cruise deal you’re looking at.


Thinking about spending money

Cruises are very often considered expensive in themselves, however in addition to the price of the holiday you’ll need to think about how much spending money you’ll need whilst on board. Meals, drinks and other items can attract a premium on cruise ships, so requesting a priced menu or drinks list may be advisable so you can plan ahead.


Thinking about length of cruise

Whilst 30 day cruises may be an attractive option very often they are out of reach for the average Joe. Generally cruises run on 7, 10 and 14 day slots and the prices differences between them can be significant. That said, it may be worthwhile spending that little bit extra in order to extend your holiday if it serves as your only break during that year.