A buyer’s guide to Mediterranean cruises

If you’re currently looking into your options for a holiday this year then you may have been considering taking a Mediterranean cruise. Certainly the Mediterranean makes for a wonderful destination and one that is particularly ripe for exploration by cruising. If you’d like to know how you can save money on a Mediterranean cruise then this guide will talk you through what you can do to make a saving.

Factors to consider when booking a Mediterranean cruises


Holiday route

You should be aware that cruises usually see you travelling by plane from your home country to another (many people imagine that cruises sail directly from a UK destination such as Portsmouth, when in fact there are relatively few when compared to the cruises that sail from other areas of the world). Therefore the holiday route your cruise takes can vary dramatically depending upon where you sail from. For this reason you should not only gather plenty of quotes, but should also be sure to compare the routes side by side.


No fly cruises

If you’ve chosen a cruise holiday because you’re scared of flying then there are still plenty of options available to you, you’re just restricted by what’s available in the UK. Sail points are Southampton, Portsmouth, Tilbury, Cardiff, Dover, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Falmouth amongst other areas.


Shorter cruises: Europe/Western Mediterranean

If you’re restricted to a tight budget then you should consider European/Western Mediterranean cruises. These one week cruises visit areas such as Barcelona, Cannes (France), Italy, Portugal, Lisbon and Tunisia.


Budget Cruise Line

Whilst there are no budget cruise lines as such (as you’ll see for example, with flights) there are cruise liners that specialise in relatively cheap cruises. These liners will inevitably be less luxurious but for those who are merely looking for transport to various countries the quality of the liner becomes less important.



Getting the best deal on your Mediterranean cruise


Waiting for cruise sale times

Whilst the excitement of booking a cruise can be something seeing you want to book as soon as possible you need to bear in mind that sail times attract significant discounts. In particular, January is a time where holidays are reduced. If you do need to book for this year rather than next then try and book a last minute deal.


Comparing like for like

When searching through Mediterranean cruises you should be sure that you’re comparing like for like. There are plenty of things that can differ, such as the location of your room, whether any freebies are included and how long your cruise is.


Thinking about added extras

There’s no doubt that spending money can amount to a significant figure when taking a cruise, so ensuring that your holiday has added extras can help ease the total cost. Factors such as free morning newspapers, free breakfast and complimentary drinks at dinner can all add up to be a reasonable amount over the course of a holiday.