A traveller’s guide to coach theatre breaks

If you’re looking to book a coach theatre break then you have plenty of options to hand. With tens of coach providers and hundreds of theatre shows, it can be difficult to make the right choice. In this guide we talk you through some of your options and how you can book a package that will see you making a saving as well as seeing a good show and staying in a great hotel.

Getting the best coach theatre break package


Choosing the time of year

The price of Coach theatre break packages are generally the same throughout the year with one exception: the post Christmas period. As with many industries, they try and attract consumers to part with their relatively low bank balances by offering discounts, so if you can wait it may be advisable to do so.


Checking the newspaper

Coach theatre break deals are always advertised in the classified section of newspapers, so check out both the local and national newspaper to see what deals you can pick up.


Could you qualify for a group booking discount?

If you’re booking in a group then it may be worthwhile to ring providers directly to see if they can offer a discounted deal. Of course the discount you receive will depend upon how many are booking, so try and get as many along for the trip as possible.



Other factors to consider when booking your Coach theatre break package


Choice of shows

Your choice of shows will generally be determined by the time of year and what’s showing at that particular time. The factors that do vary from provider to provider will be the type of vehicle you travel in, in terms of quality and where you stay. So these two elements will generally make up for the most research, after all, you don’t want to be travelling down in a rust bucket and staying in a no star hotel.


Coah and theatre deals only

There is an additional option for those looking to have more control over where they stay. Coach and theatre only deals are where you purchase just the travel and theatre show itself. This allows you the freedom of picking the hotel for yourself.


Checking on the company's reputation

Whatever type of deal you opt for it’s worthwhile checking out the reputation of the company. Consumer review websites will be full of information such as vehicle quality, driver politeness and hotel quality, which are invaluable pieces of information to have in finding the best deal.


Hotel quality

Whilst the majority of providers will tell you which hotels they use, they may not give you the information as to which out of the hotel you’ll be staying in until your arrival or time of booking. This makes undertaking a little research an absolute necessity.